The Interstellar

60% Tibetan Highland Wool & 40% Bamboo Silk – Hand-woven – 80 knots

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Introducing the Interstellar

Inspired by the Night Sky

Our Interstellar is Hand knotted by our Nepalese Artisan Weavers.

Made of Tibetan highland wool, which is known for its high lanolin content and makes for stronger wool yarn, as well as Bamboo Silk. Which is used instead of Natural Silk, allowing for an environmentally sustainable product.

Additional information

Dimensions 240 × 170 cm

Hand Knotted


Rectangular, Round


1.7m X 2.4m, 2m X 3m, 2.5m X 3m, 2.5m X 3.5m, 3m X 4m, 2.2m X 2.2m, 3.2m X 3.2m


Assorted Colours, Blue, Maroon, Orange, Purple, Yellow

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